Self Care Tips for Yoga Teachers


Yoga Teachers Need Nurturing, too!
When you're tired take a nap
Try to sit first thing in the morning 5-20 min to clear your mind listen.  Insight Timer is a great app to use for guided meditations
Daily restorative pose soothes the nervous system, pick your favorite and try it for 2 weeks /15 minutes a day.  Results are amazing!
Essential oils can be used throughout the day to pick you up or calm you down.  In my purse I carry this wonderful little bag of chakra oils along with some of my favorite young living oils
Don't place a ton of pressure on your self to have a strong flow practice every day, listen to your body and practice accordingly
My home is my sanctuary, surround yourself with inspiring quotes, mantras, yummy soy candles and anything else that brings peace to your environment
Depending on my mood, I will either end my shower with a sugar scrub, or self massage with Coconut Oil for the summer months and Sesame oil for the winter months.  Coconut oil is cooling, Sesame oil is warming and sugar scrubs are just down right awesome!
Get a pedicure every once in a while so you don't have to worry about people always looking at your feet.  Gels last longer :)
Create a list of things that fill you up spiritually, emotionally and mentally and be sure to do one of those things every day. Could be listening to music, painting, dancing, writing, reading, hiking, gardening, etc.  This keeps your soul happy
Listen to your body, if you're having a rough day it's OK not to give a ton of adjustments, honor your energy and be aware of how much energy you're giving out, the worst is when you feel depleted
It's OK to say no at times when asked to sub, especially if you're already teaching 15-17 classes per week
Spend time in Nature breathing in fresh air
If you use music in your classes be sure to create playlists that inspire you
Have a hobby that's not yoga related, we tend to wrap our entire world around yoga
Don't forget, we can't take of our students if we don't properly take care of our selves
"Self care is a divine responsibility.  It is not self indulgence, it's self respect"  

Namaste' sweet teachers, keep up the amazing work!
xoxo Dani